Author Interview with Laurie Buchanan

Celebrating the Release of the Sean McPherson Series Book Three

To celebrate the release of Impervious, the third book in the Sean McPherson series, I’m so pleased to feature an interview with author Laurie Buchanan. I love this series so much (see my review below.) The stories are mainly set at the Pines & Quill writing retreat in the Pacific Northwest where ex-cop Sean McPherson as gone to heal after his partner is killed by a sniper. In this idyllic location, Sean works in the Zen-like capacity of groundskeeper and all-around handyman—that is until the peace is violently shattered and his investigative skills are needed once again.

Now in book three, friends and family have gathered for the union of Sean McPherson and Emma Benton. But just as the festivities begin and corks fly, an explosion shatters everything, killing one and injuring others. From Bellingham to San Francisco and New Orleans, the chase is on to discover who’s dead set on ensuring the newlyweds don’t live happily ever after.

Here’s my review:

(I took the book along on vacation in Spain recently!!)

Author Laurie Buchanan continues to be a master of suspense in book three of her Sean McPherson series. One shocking death after another will keep you reeling as the plot twists with deadly motivations in three locations – New Orleans, San Francisco and at the Pines & Quill writing retreat. I’m always partial to an author who is brave enough to kill off characters . . . it’s truly the secret ingredient to writing compelling suspense novels and Buchanan nails it every time. As always, we’re treated to excellent plotting, well-developed characters, perfectly penned dialogue, and beautifully described settings that combine for a delicious read. This is most definitely another book you won’t be able to put down! (And, I must add a note about the book’s gorgeous formatting. I’m in love with the map and Pines & Quill location artwork at the beginning as well as the chapter heading artwork which is slightly ominous.)

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I was so pleased Laurie was able to take time out of her busy launch day to talk with me! I was super nosy and asked Laurie all about her writing and publishing process, how series writing requires a different approach, and important things like what book she just finished reading, what she likes to eat on her pizza, and what's her favorite vacation spot. Watch the full interview below:

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Facebook: Laurie Buchanan, Author

Twitter: @TuesWithLaurie

Instagram: @LaurieBuchanan.Author



Wonderful review and interview! Valerie and Laurie, you both rock!

Thanks, Saralyn! We had fun-clearly. This is so much better than a print interview!

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