Author Services: What I do when I'm not writing.

When I began writing fiction professionally, I had no idea the number of things I would need to learn on the way to publication and beyond. I will never forget the many people who provided kind mentorship in those early months. Now, 12 years later, it’s incredibly fun to do the same for other writers through my company Lost Lake Press.

Lost Lake Press author services - making your publishing adventure easier and less stressfulBut let’s back up to the very beginning of this journey. It was 2009, and I made a decision to radically change my professional world. My sister had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer—the same cancer that took my oldest sister a few years prior. I was devastated and with the reminder (yet again) that our time here is finite, I reevaluated my priorities. Having always wanted to write the stories germinating in my mind, I stepped back from many of my other responsibilities to create my first full-length story—a novel. Daunting!

It took a year to finish the rough draft. That’s when my real education about publishing began.

Throughout the next few years, I alternately wrote new stories and edited my first book, beginning my search for an agent. I finally made a decision (after much research) to independently publish that first book. I created my company Lost Lake Press and learned everything I needed to know about the publishing process (and more). My 25-year career as a public relations professional helped me immensely with the important publicity and marketing tasks. Every week I was learning something new, whether it was how to format my e-books, set up my online store, create a proper author website, start a blog, or run Facebook ads.

As a lot of these tasks are either confusing or time consuming, with many being both, I began to share my knowledge with other authors—providing the kind of help I wished had been available to me as a new author!

I work with both indie and traditionally published authors. For some, I handle their book launch from start to finish, others prefer to hire me on a project basis, and other authors hire me as a tutor. That way they can learn a task step-by-step with my guidance so they can work independently in the future. My concern is that you get the help you need to best present yourself and your work to the world--and make some money in the process.

You can check out a partial list of services that I offer below. (The full list is available at

  • Step-by-Step Independent Publishing Guidance/Coaching
  • Publication Pathway Tutorial
  • Market Analysis for Proposed Book Topics
  • Book Blurb/Jacket Flap Copy – writing or editing
  • Agent/Publisher Query Letters and Agent Search Strategies
  • Development or Review of Online Presence (Social Media/Website/Book Sales Sites) 
  • Social Media Platform Design/Artwork
  • Websites (update or designing from scratch)
  • Book Launch Publicity Plans (Social Media/Traditional Media)
  • Media Kit Development (Press Releases/Media Contact Lists)
  • Ad Design & Management (Amazon/BookBub/Facebook)



It’s hard to make time in your busy schedule to go to writing conferences--or even attend virtually!

That’s why I began offering online courses. My newest one is How to Promote Your Books with Traditional Media.  Click HERE to check out the entire course catalog. Once you sign-up, it doesn't matter when you start or if you only want to do a portion of the course at a time. The modules and all the resources remain available to you forever. Plus, you can ask me questions at any time. I've also created a (growing) library of free guides for authors that you might find helpful. 


Lost Lake Press - Book editing, book promotion, book marketing

I know how daunting the journey to publication can be. I'm excited to make your writing adventure less stressful and more successful! - Valerie

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