Blog Hoppin'

I’ve been invited on a blog hop! It’s like a game of tag, and I'm currently "it."       

 I was tagged by Kimberli Bindschatel, author of the young adult novel The Path to the Sun.  I’m intrigued by her novel and have it waiting in my soon-to-read pile. Here’s a little teaser . . .

You do not question The Way. Every Toran knows this, even Kiran, a lowly orphan. But at age sixteen, he’s still tormented by doubt. So when he and six other teens embark on a quest to save their drought-stricken village, for Kiran, it’s a chance to seek the truth. 

Visit Kimberli’s website to learn more about this epic adventure that is getting great reviews.


My blog hop came with the topic to write about my writing process.

Before I begin a story I do a rough outline of my plot, the main character, and the supporting characters. And by rough – I mean really rough. The writing process develops best for me when I don’t spend too much time structuring before I start writing.  I find that if I give my characters a little freedom, they do the most amazing things.  

On a typical day I sit down at my computer in the morning, check my email, Facebook, Twitter, and possibly (okay probably) play a couple of games, and then I reread what I wrote the day before and edit it a bit before starting on a new section. That process (rereading and editing) is my portal into my fictional world. A good day is when I look up and realize I’ve written all the way through lunch. 

I try to write at least five days a week for a little while. I tend to think of success in number of words on the page so a great week is 5000 words or more. Honestly, with all of the editing I’ve been doing, it has been two months since I’ve had a week that productive. On days when TIME is not the obstacle but I feel stuck, I know that I need to just jump in and start writing something – ANYTHING. I find the process of writing breeds more creativity. Even if what I initially wrote is complete crap, it eventually morphs into something better.

Now it’s my turn to tag some wonderfully talented writers. I am calling them Women to Watch because they surely are going to be incredibly famous writers, and I will get to say that I knew them before they were household names.

Jess Witkins is currently editing her humorous memoir Oops Baby. I’m already smiling as I reread her novel description: A small town, Midwestern girl comes of age in a town of misfits. Her mission: making pathetic look cool since 1985. Twice a week she makes me (and many others) laugh with her witty blog The Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project.

Abbigail Kriebs is passionate about storytelling – as a writer, as a reader, and as a photographer. Her insightful writing is a treat to read! Currently, Abbie is in the process of moving to a new home which sounds mundane, BUT when a book lover moves – ooh lah lah – you’ve got some drama. What book lover can resist? Check it out on her blog

Alisha Bjorkland is busy creating new worlds in her fantasy novels for young adults. I hope her first book, From the Farthest Heights, will be available soon. After reading the excerpt on her website you will be waiting right there with me!  There’s more delightfully fun stuff on her website and blog, Writing From the Dragon’s Keep! (Don’t you LOVE that blog name??)

I’m humbled to be briefly in the company of such talented writers.  Now you can say (along with me) that you knew them when . . . 

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