Introducing the WisMissus Podcast

TK Sheffield and I had so much fun creating the 2023 Plotting Series together that we decided to continue our partnership in 2024. We felt the video format is so much more fun than standard blog posts that we’ve started a podcast. (Which is kind of ironic, because here I am talking about the podcast in a regular blog post.)


Welcome to the WisMissus Podcast: Reading, Writing & Roaming around Wisconsin, the Midwest, & Beyond. 

This is a podcast for authors by authors! (And also readers who want the scoop on what authors are REALLY thinking.) Join Valerie Biel and TK (Tracey) Sheffield as we share topics to help our fellow writers as well as fun tidbits on what we’re reading and where we’re roaming. We're planning nine episodes in 2024 with topics like agent searching (episode 1), indie vs traditional publishing, book launch basics, helpful writing conferences, elements of mystery writing, and more! 


As you know—or maybe you don’t if you’re new to my website—I’m the author of the award-winning Circle of Nine series as well as a publicity professional who aids other authors with their book launches and marketing. (You can see all my social media links in the footer of this page.) And head on over to that side bar and click subscribe if you want this content delivered directly to your email inbox.

Tracey writes stories for readers who want to laugh and escape. She is the author of the award-winning Backyard Model comic culinary cozy mysteries, and other books. She is found at her website, TK Sheffield Writes, and her Instagram, The Backyard Model.


Episode 1 is a helpful look on searching for an agent and a general discussion about our recent projects.



In this podcast, we specifically talk about our agent searches, including my YouTube short videos that bring you along on my Agent Search Adventures. These are 1-minute video updates each week, giving a window into a sometimes hard process that we often don’t talk about much as writers. VIEW THE YOUTUBE SHORT VIDEOS

When we talk about how to find comparable titles for your manuscript, Tracey mentions Literature Map, which is a super cool tool that lets you type in the name of an author (usually fairly well-known), and it shows you all the other authors that are similar.

Additionally, here’s an article from Jane Friedman’s blog that walks through the process of finding comps for your book as well.  

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2024 Calendar: Tracey mentioned how beautiful and inspiring this calendar is . . . if you’d like to order a copy, click here. (They’re on sale at a deep discount.)

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