Name my Novel

Officially a gorgeous day in Wisconsin!

I don’t know if the harsh winter we experienced here in Wisconsin has me appreciating the nice weather more than ever, but it sure has made it difficult to want to sit at a computer.  This morning I’m doing my best to let the outdoors in as much as possible with the windows wide open and the breeze a blowin’. Here's the view from our patio. As you can see, we definitely live in farm country.

Last week I wrote a review of Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek and tweeted the link.  It probably makes me a confirmed writing geek when I got excited that the teen author of the book “favorited” my tweet.  She’s fun to follow on twitter at @MayaVanWagenen if you’re interested.  I am happy to be a writing geek – a reading geek – and wish I were more of a grammar geek, too.  

Another thing that I read this week  and absolutely loved was Jess Witkins’ list of 52 things to do this summer.  This is the BEST summer list EVER!  It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think mine might be Celebrate Unique Summer Holidays.  Who knew that June 6 is National Doughnut Day or that June 22 is National Éclair Day?  Personally, I think the Doughnut people and the Éclair people should have coordinated a bit better and separated these dates by more than two weeks, but I’m willing to overlook this and enjoy the sweets anyway.

When I quit procrastinating by reading tweets and blogs, I AM in the midst of what I’m calling my final, final (really – I mean it this time!) edits on Circle of Nine – Beltany.  This is before I begin the technical side of formatting the manuscript for indie publishing.  My official cover is coming soon, followed by a super-awesome book trailer.  PROGRESS!  Special thanks to my multi-time, beta readers who have found my remaining pieces of awkward wording and a typo or two or three.

I'm also continuing the agent query process for my middle-grade adventure novel set in the Amazon. I am very excited about this novel and know it will find a home. I remain undaunted and hopeful! I have had a little adventure with the tittle however. Originally, I called it Amazon Summer, BUT if you know anything about search engine optimization - which obviously I didn't - you'll see how this title will not work. Just try typing Amazon Summer into your search engine and see what happens. Like me, you'll probably get sent straight over to and all kinds of cool stuff for summer will pop into the window: flip flops, beach balls, patio umbrellas etc...  So a new name is in the works. 

Help me out and vote for your favorite.  Click here to take the survey! 

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