New Release and Review: If Ever by Angie Stanton

YES! Another fabulous book by Angie Stanton releases today. (Scroll down for my full review.)

IF EVER New Release by Angie Stanton 5-Star Review

About the Book:

Fiercely independent Chelsea Barnes has caught a rare break and been cast as the first non-celebrity on the hit show Celebrity Dance Off. Chelsea is coined ‘America’s Chance to Dance,’ but her partner planned on an A-lister, not a nobody.
Clashing with her partner, she’s ready to go home; but during an emotional dance, her heart-breaking past as an abandoned, homeless teen is revealed. Not only do the viewers fall in love with her, so does the flirty British guest singer, Broadway star Thomas Evan Oliver.
Tom is struck by this feisty girl who complicates his over-structured life, and pursues her in a romantic cross-country courtship until she’s voted off and joins him. Their sexy whirlwind love affair blossoms in New York as she navigates the big city and his exhausting eight shows a week, but most important, her scarred heart begins to heal. Perhaps happily ever after might be a possibility after all. 


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My Review: 5 Stars  

From Chelsea's first awkward moments on "Celebrity Dance Off" she's the girl you're rooting for--even more so when you learn her tragic family story. Mix in a cast of well-developed characters who you either love or love to hate and you have a book that you won't be able to put down. The author skillfully takes her readers on a well-described journey from the TV sets of LA to backstage at a Broadway theater, wrapping these unique details in a lovely romantic tale.


About the Author

Angie Stanton is a life-long daydreamer who grew up with her hands on a book and her head in the clouds. As an adult, she’s put her talent to use writing contemporary fiction about life, love, and the adventures that follow. 

Angie is the bestselling author of nine novels. Her work has been translated into French, German, and Bulgarian. In her spare time, Angie sneaks off to New York City to enjoy the best live entertainment experience--Broadway. She is a contributing writer to Broadway World is currently working on another Broadway-themed book. 

Visit Angie at: 

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