Snowflake Method to Write A Book Super Fast by Lucy Adams

Writing a book can be very intimidating not just for veteran writers but more so for rookie ones. Why? Simply because everyone wants to read a good book. We all like to encounter stories that will make us think about our own lives or to take us to a trip down to memory lane. Today, writing a great book can be done faster than it would normally take to draft your very first sentence.

How? By utilizing the snowflake method! Now, we are sure that not everyone has heard about this method of writing a book so let us give you a brief background. Randy Ingermanson according to, is the one who pioneered this approach. As an experienced novelist and teacher, he mastered the art of writing fast and easy. Join the ranks!

How does the method work?

The snowflake method can be divided into various steps which we will enumerate for easy reading.

One sentence summarySnowflake Method to Write a Book Super Fast

Before you start writing your book, think of a sentence that will provide the gist of your story. Yes, just one sentence! Think of it this way; it will be the hook that will capture your reader, line, and sinker. I know that you might want to add more, but, let us just stick to one sentence for now.

In writing your summary, there are certain things that you should not do. For example, do not add the name of your character. Why? You always want to just give a clear description of your character while keeping the mystery. So instead of writing, Charlie discovered time travel and went back in time to avoid World War II from happening, you should just write, a school boy discovered time travel and went back in time to avoid World War II from happening. See the difference?

One paragraph plot only

In writing the plot of your book, make sure to focus on three main points:

1. Background - give simple background information about your book. Provide the setting of your book, the main character, and what is it going to be about. You have to make sure that your paragraph will give the readers an idea of the theme and nature of the book.

2. Issue - this primarily talks about the main disasters in your book. What are the conflicts? Who are the people involved?

3. Ending - what is going to happen in the end? Did the schoolboy able to prevent World War II?

If you are able to create one paragraph successfully, you are on your way to finishing the main structure of your book.

Develop your characters

Who will be your protagonists? How about the antagonists? These are the questions that you should think about when writing your book. You have to create characters and develop them. You have to know who will be involved, as in this way, you can easily connect them with one another. If you do not know how to create a character, check out the Creative Penn from for some useful and powerful tips. A good writer always has the passion to learn from other authors.

Plot Summary

Remember that you already wrote a paragraph of your plot. Now, take that information and expand each sentence into their own paragraph. However, make sure to connect the ending of each paragraph to the next sentence.

Create character charts

This is the time when you would expand your characters. In this step, you will make a very detailed description of the characters you just created. A good sample of a character chart can be found in this link:

Snowflake Method to Write a Book Super FastKeep expanding

Lastly, develop your plot. If you have created a 1-page plot summary, expand that summary into 2 or 4 pages adding the characters you created, description of your scenes, and organize your pages.

Overall, the snowflake method will help you develop sequencing as well as observation and creative thinking abilities. Keep jotting down information and characters as they come to you and organize them afterward to make sense of what you have written. But more importantly, enjoy the process of writing. It is good for the soul. Be excited to share it for the world to read!


Lucy Adams is a blogger and one of the perfect writers from BuzzEssay, a service that writes essays, term papers, research papers, etc. for students. She’s always open to intriguing ideas so that you have every chance to get a high-quality article exclusively for your blog! 


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