Writing Conferences - Sprinter 2018

Wow, it’s hard to believe that spring is here with all the snow we’ve been getting. UGH—I’m so ready for warmer weather! (Kudos to whomever coined the new word "sprinter" to describe this horribly snowy spring.)

I’m in the thick of writing conference season, which means I wouldn’t be outside much anyway, but at least I’m indoors with some lovely company in the form of other writers.

The best writing conferences in the Midwest





This past weekend, I was at the Writers’ Institute in Madison. This is the 9th time I’ve been at this conference and the second time that I’ve presented sessions. It was wonderful to see so many old friends and make new ones. If you’ve never attended a writing conference, that’s exactly what happens!

Through the years, I’ve been able to collaborate with so many different authors I’ve met at this conference. If you want to see what the schedule looked like, check out the website and start making plans for next year!  

You would think that you might exhaust the possibilities for what you get out of the same conference year after year, but that’s just not the case. The organizers of this conference, and so many others, work hard to keep their topics fresh and with the ever-changing publishing industry, there’s always something new to learn wherever you are in your writing career.

(NOTE:  If you’re one of the attendees who signed up for conference materials from the Writers’ Institute and they haven’t landed in your email inbox, please reach out to me. I had a couple of emails bounce back!)

Best book festivals in the Midwest










This weekend it’s on to Green Bay for the second year of the UntitledTown Book and Author Festival. This is a seriously full slate of speakers for the weekend. If you can’t find something fun to attend, then you are seriously difficult to please. Did I mention that this entire conference is FREE? Yes, free!! Check out the entire schedule

I’m taking part in panel discussions on series writing, fantasy writing, and social media for authors. There’s plenty here for the reading crowd too! Are you a fan of Roxanne Gay, R.L. Stine, Christopher Moore, Nicholas Carr, Dan Chaon, Danez Smith, Hillary Jordan, Michael Perry, Jacqueline West, or Charlie Sykes?  Then get your butt to Green Bay! There are seriously another 100 authors attending this shindig beyond those I listed. Whatever type of book you like to read (or write), UntitledTown has you covered.

Best writing conferences in Wisconsin!







I have a couple of weekends off to do other (hopefully spring-like) things, and then I’m back the Lakefly Writers’ Conference in Oshkosh on May 11 & 12. There’s still time to register for this one here. I love the pitch on their website: EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Join our supportive community of writers for a two-day conference. We offer over a dozen workshops on the craft and business of writing designed to inspire and guide your creative journey.

That happens to be Mother’s Day weekend; however, the conference ends on Saturday. There’ll be plenty of time to do celebratory things on Sunday. And, speaking of gift giving . . . ha/ha . . . weren’t we? Fellow writer Tracey Kathryn, recently posted a lovely list of great gifts for writers. (Hello Family – hint hint!) She was calling it Christmas in April, which is completely fitting as it looks (currently) like December outside. (If the writer in your family happens to be Dad, this list works just as well for Father’s Day.)

So, I'm off to pack. I'm anticipating a fun weekend of learning and great book talks! Maybe I'll see you there!




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