Reading, wRiting, and Roaming with Author Valerie Biel

April 9, 2014

The Writers’ Institute conference was a blast this past weekend. It always takes a couple of days to recover from having my brain filled with so much great information.  The conference was also awesome for catching up with other writers and forging new friendships and professional connections.

Particularly helpful to me were the sessions on Independent Publishing – a topic often ignored at other conferences where acknowledging this increasingly successful trend appears to be taboo.  Indie publication authors were also given the chance to be part of a book signing and sales event and not relegated to second-class status.  Indeed, many of these titles are... Continue Reading

March 31, 2014

This morning as I write my first blog post, I am feeling like Veronica Roth’s character Tris in the Divergent book series (and now movie) as she survives a multi-story leap into a giant net.

I am not normally a jumper . . . I am an observer of jumpers, more likely to read their stories than be the story. That’s why I am such a huge reader. In a good year I can log 100 titles and rarely read less than 80. That can seem a little freaky to some people, but if you love books like I do, you completely understand this.

I love being transported into a different world an author has created for us. I can’t remember NOT loving this. As a kid, I... Continue Reading